Are you struggling with your health, with no clear diagnosis or direction? Are you searching for a more natural approach to address your concerns? Dr. Karen is a Naturopathic Doctor, in Halifax and Dartmouth, passionate about treating you as a unique individual, and getting at the root of your concern.

By utilizing the pillars of health – including diet and lifestyle – and taking the time with you, Dr. Karen will build an individualized Naturopathic treatment plan to bring about lasting positive changes in all aspects of your life - mind, body and spirit.  Learn the tools to take on illness at its root, and start to feel better – for good. 

Have questions about Naturopathic Medicine or are wondering if Dr. Karen can help you? Book in for a free consult to get your questions answered. 


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About Dr. Karen


Dr. Karen Frackowiak is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor passionate about living a healthy and happy life – and who treats patients with the same goal. Dubbed the “fragile one” in the family, due to struggles with a sensitive stomach and skin, Dr. Karen has had lots of experience with healing the body from inside out. Originally from Ontario, she was drawn to the friendly vibe of the east coast and now calls Halifax home...